Below are the planned activities for PAA in the year of 2017. Please note that all activities are subject to change. Follow us on Facebook for regular updates.

7-Jan – 2nd Rally O new intake
19-Feb – New Obd intake
Mar’17 – 64th Agility
Apr’17 – 3rd Rally O Trial
May’17 – 28th Agility Games
May’17 – 3rd Rally new intake
Jun’17 – New Obd intake
Jul’17 – 65th Agility Trial
Jul’17 – 4th Rally O Trial
Aug’16 – 4th Rally O new intake
Sep’17 – 5th Rally O trial & 29th Agility Games
Oct’17 – New Obd intake
Nov’17 – 5th Rally new intake
Nov’17 – 5th Rally O & 30th Agility Games
Dec’17 – 66th Agility Trial