PAA Certified Scent Dog is the 1st certification in Malaysia for dogs who are trained to use their nose to find a predetermined scent. The inspiration came from the US based National Association of Canine Nose Work This sport is meant to be fun for dog lovers. It creates an environment for great bonding and team work between dog and owner.

There are 3 levels- The Novice,Master and Expert levels. Read the complete Rules here.

The C.S.D- Novice level.This certification program consist of 3 tests: 1) The ORT (Odor recognition test) 2) The Vehicle Search Test   3) The Field Search Test.


1) Is it easy to train my dog to use his/her nose?

Answer: Unless your dog has lost it’s ability to smell, dogs in general have a great sense of smell and a desire to hunt or seek out the smell. It is not difficult to train your dog to use it’s nose. It’s much easier to train if compared to competitive obedience or competitive agility.

2) My dog hasn’t gone for any type of training before, can my dog be trained for scent or nose work?

Answer: If you have never trained your dog before your dog will be assessed before joining the Scent Dog training program. You may have to do some simple training with your dog which involves bonding and shaping behaviour prior to joing the training classes. If you have trained your dog to perform simple tricks, basic obedience or agility, your dog will have high success rate in Scent Dog training program.

3) What method of training is used for the Scent Dog training?

Answer: Positive training method using classical conditioning and operand conditioning principles are used in the training workshop.

4) Why teach your dog to use its nose?

Answer: Training a dog use its nose is easy because the dog has great ability to smell. A dog that knows how to use his nose has more opportunity to compete in other titling Obedience and Utility trials. Using positive-training methods to shape the scenting behaviour is very rewarding for dog and trainer.

5) What is the C.S.D program?

Answer: PAA?s objective of introducing a Certified Scent Dog (C.S.D) program is to promote owners to train their dogs in scent work. Once your dog knows the Game, then you can test your dog in PAA organized tests. A Certified Scent Dog Certificate and a medal shall be given to a dog that has obtained a PASS.

6) My dog is already trained in agility. Will scent dog training interfere with agility training? Will my dog be confused and give bad habit of sniffing the ground during agility?

Answer: No. In scent dog training, there are ways to let your dog know that scent training is a different game from agility. In agility, the dog sees the obstacles in front of him. A correctly trained agility dog finds the “agility line” at the start line. In Scent Dog Tests, he sees boxes and articles. Correctly trained, the dog knows to use his nose when you put the harness on him, and when you wear the ‘scent work jacket’. A good trainer knows how to train for the right behaviour in scent dogs vs the right behaviour in agility.