The PAA Agility Games are designed by Sue Yeap.

 The purpose of setting up of the Agility Games is to motivate dog-handler teams who are still weak and not moving up to Novice or Open level yet. 

The Games are structured as  a ‘training aid’ to handlers to teach distance control to the dog. By training your dog to perform the Agility Games well, your dog will advance and improve to Novice and Open levels.These Games are intended to be fun for all and even  ‘educational’ for provisional judges too.

General Rules

Elimination– Dog- Any faults such as dropping a pole, missed contact, missed obstacle, wrong sequence. Dogs running into restricted area is eliminated. Handler who goes into or out of the restricted area will be eliminated.

Speed– The fastest 3 dogs will get 1st, 2nd and 3rd placing. Eliminated dogs will not get a placing. The exception is Tortoise where the slowest dogs are placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Handlers are allowed to hold food, toy, ball in his hand or pockets while playing the games. However handlers are not allowed to throw food or touch/play fetch/play tugging with the dogs DURING the execution of the Games.

Each Game must have minimum 2 entries in order to proceed. If only 1 entry the Game is cancelled for that event.

Dogs may wear ordinary fabric type or leather collars. No choke chains or electronic collars are allowed.

Dogs that have won 3 times First Placing for a single Game will not be allowed to enter that same Game.

Agility Games Specialist ( A.G.SP) title

PAAPP shall issue the A.G.SP certificate and an A.G.SP trophy to dogs which attain minimum 25 points (9 Games in total)  In addition the below requirements must be met. At least a 1st, 2nd or 3rd placing in all the 8 Game, plus a Clear Round in Basic Jumpers.

1st place= 3 points, 2nd place= 2 points, 3rd place= 1 point. Clear Round Basic Jumpers = 5 points. For dogs aged above 12 months. Dogs in season are not allowed.

To date there are 6 dogs which has qualified for the A.G.SP title.

1) Rightroyale’s Kofi A.G.SP, M.A.CH, J.D,EX, M.OB.CH, GD, CSD-Master, CTD

2) Rightroyale’s Mocha, CSD-Master, A.G.SP

3) Rightroyale’s Milki, A.G.SP

4) Foxis, A.G.SP, GD

5) Zuriel, A.G.SP

6) Eliora, A.G.SP