Basic pet obedience training is the key to a fun and loving relationship between pet and owners.

Among benefits of dog training are:

  • dog’s safety – having control over your dogs may save his/her life
  • sociable – a trained dog behaves better around human and other pets
  • better bonding- training allows you to know you better as time are spent together
  • healthier lifestyle – training allows your pet to be physically and mentally stimulated

The next intake will be June 2016.

Please fill in our online form if you are interested  in training or call KK Chuah at 0124873475 for more info.

NOTE: Checklist to bring every week to the training field:

  • • a healthy dog
  • • a crate to put your dog in while your dog is not working
  • • plastic bag to pick up your dog’s pooh, take away the pooh and throw away from the field
  • • a buckle collar, NO CHOKE CHAINS
  • • a cotton leash – 4 to 6 feets
  • • treat bag to put your treats and tied around your waist
  • • tug, toys – ball, rope, string or old t-shirt
  • • treats for your dogs, this is not your dog’s normal lunch or dinner, bring some cooked liver, chicken pieces, fish etc.
  • • do not fee your dog in the morning
  • • a notebook to record your dog’s progress
  • • a smiling face and eager mind to learn

All students must provide evidence that the dog has been vaccinated against rabies  in compliance with the law and has had all three jabs or booster jabs. Please show the veterinary card showing the vaccination with the name of the clinic and vets signature.